Eda's look - At Rock festival*

Busan international
rock festival

Day 1.

Hat : None
Sun glassess : Vintage
Mint clutch bag : B-612.
Clutch bag : Mimco Vintage
One-piece : VIntage
Shoes : Vintage

If you go to rock festival of some other place to having fun, shoule wear vintage.
That is best and convience.



Movie - Sunny*

I was Movie named 'Sunny'. It's Korean movie about memory of 40s women when they went to high school.
It has many old and vintage style fashion also, funny and touching story.
Anyway, I want to introduce this movie's old (70s Korean fashion)fashion in this posting.


These girls are 40s women when they were high school students.

At that time they were make a group named 'Sunny'. It's pretty childish but funny and cute.

(The white top and mint skirt girl's styling is pretty.)

This is leader of 'Sunny' named 'Choon-hwa'.

(it's looks like little bit old but.. isn't it cool hair?)

This is handsome guy in this movie so every girls are like him lol.

This is main charater 'Mina'.

(This preppy look is pretty too.)

This is DJ of the past (70s) high school!

(Red lip!)

This is most pretty girl in school named Suji.

She were work at teenager magazine as cover girl.

School festival shoot.

Mina again, this is really vintage and I totally love it!!

Twin tail is pretty, that shirts is pretty everythings were pretty.

This is 'Bok-hee' and she wanted to be a 'Miss Korea' (it's contest like a miss universe) .

(Her hair and face are so cute!)

This is 'Jin-hee'.

She is really funny in this movie because of using funny bad words.

(This look is vintage too. little bit unsophisticated but cool.)


If you have a time, watch this movie but, i think maybe, it's hard to find out at other county.

It's so sad and i'm sorry.

However, if you(live other county people) can get this movie at video shop or something, buy or rent it and watch it!

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